700+ runners from local church participate in Tulip Time Run for a bigger cause

Posted at 11:52 AM, May 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-07 12:00:09-04

HOLLAND, Mich.  — Tulips and wooden shoes filling the streets for the 2016 Tulip Time Festival. The festival kicked off on Saturday morning in Holland with the annual Tulip Time Run.

More than 700 members of Engedi Church in Holland were in attendance... but they weren't just there for the exercise.

The church has partnered with the Tulip Time Festival and an organization called Tread to raise money through fund raising to help out three different organizations.

The first is to help raise money for shoes that will be donated to children in Guatemala who can't afford them. Organizers with the church say if the children don't have shoes, they aren't allowed in school... therefore missing out on getting an education.

Next is helping refugees in Turkey. Tread is partnered with a group there who's providing meals and other resources for those in need.

The last cause is for clean water in Zambia. Church officials say there are all types of problems with tainted water in this area... that can sometimes lead to illness and death. They want to donate money so that clean water wells can be created, providing access to safe water.

Tread is looking to raise a total of $75,000 to help those who are less fortunate gain traction in both education and health.

For more information you can head to their web site here.