The 15 car brands with the most gas guzzlers

Posted at 8:49 AM, Mar 08, 2016


Accounting for the total costs of ownership is vital to consider when buying a car. Fuel efficiency inevitably makes a considerable impact, and finding an efficient car not only conserves natural resources, but also saves you dollars.

To help you avoid a purchase that could break the bank, AxleGeeks identified car brands with the most gas guzzlers in their lineups. To do this, we calculated the average city and highway mileage of each model line, weighed at 55 percent and 45 percent respectively. By averaging the fuel efficiency of each lineup, we arrived at a brand average, which we subsequently used to rank brands from most to least efficient.

Note: We excluded ultra-luxury brands, like Ferrari and Rolls-Royce that do not compete in mainstream or luxury markets.

#15. Ford

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 24 mpg

Ford earned a combined 24 miles per gallon across its lineup, a better fuel efficiency than its American non-luxury counterparts. However, Ford falls short when compared to the average 26 mpg among all non-luxury brands.

#14. Chevrolet

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 23.5 mpg

Despite Chevrolet’s efforts to improve fuel efficiency, it still falls behind the 26 mpg average of non-luxury brands, sitting at a low 23.5 mpg.

#13. Chrysler*

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 23 mpg

Though Chrysler performs well in highway driving, with three models averaging at least 25 mpg, its city mpg falls far below par: its average combined mpg sits at 23, a significant fall from the average of American non-luxury brands, which boast a combined 26 mpg.

*Tied with Lexus

#12. Lexus*

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 23 mpg

Lexus averages 23 combined mpg, which falls in line with other luxury brands but far below the 26 combined mpg average of all Japanese brands.

*Tied with Chrysler

#11. BMW

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 22.5 mpg

Though BMW has invested in improving fuel efficiency, its combined 22.5 mpg places far behind other German brands, which average a combined 24 mpg, but in line with its luxury brand competitors.

#10. Ram

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 22 mpg

Ram’s vehicles manage only a combined 22 mpg, but because Ram manufactures trucks and vans almost exclusively, its fuel efficiency is bound to fall below its non-luxury competitors, which average a combined 26 mpg.

#9. Porsche

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 21.75 mpg

Porsche aims for power rather than efficiency: All of its vehicles generate at least 240 horsepower but average a combined fuel economy of only 21.75, a drop from the combined average of all luxury brands, which sits at 22 mpg.

#8. Lincoln*

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 21 mpg

Averaging a combined fuel efficiency of only 21 mpg, Lincoln consistently falls behind other luxury brands, which average a combined 22 mpg.

*Tied with Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar

#7. Mercedes-Benz*

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 21 mpg

Mercedes-Benz’s 21 combined mpg falls on the low end among German luxury brands and all luxury brands, which average 22.5 mpg and 22 mpg respectively.

*Tied with Lincoln and Jaguar

#6. Jaguar*

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 21 mpg

At a combined 21 mpg for its 2015 and 2016 vehicles, Jaguar offers the same (low) efficiency as Mercedes-Benz, but is slowly catching up to its performance-brand counterparts.

*Tied with Lincoln and Mercedes-Benz

#5. Infiniti*

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 20.5 mpg

Infiniti’s average 20.5 combined mpg places it well below the 23 combined mpg of Japanese luxury brands and the average 22 combined mpg of all luxury brands.

*Tied with Cadillac

#4. Cadillac*

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 20.5 mpg

Known for its high-performing lineup, Cadillac unsurprisingly sacrifices fuel efficiency. Averaging 20.5 combined mpg, the brand falls behind its already low-performing American luxury brand counterparts, which average 21 combined mpg.

*Tied with Infiniti

#3. Dodge

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 20.25 mpg

Due to Dodge’s recent evolution into a performance brand, fuel efficiency has fallen from the list of priorities: The brand only averages 20.25 combined mpg across its lineup, a drop from the 22 combined mpg of all American non-luxury brands.

#2. Land Rover

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 20 mpg

Though Land Rover progressed in its pursuit of greater fuel efficiency and scores higher than British luxury brands, it still falls far behind the 22 combined mpg average of all luxury brands. However, because Land Rover primarily produces SUVs and crossovers, a low fuel efficiency is expected.

#1. GMC

Average Gas Mileage (Combined): 19 mpg

GMC’s product line consists of SUVs, cargo vans and trucks — vehicles not known for great fuel efficiency. As a result, GMC’s combined 19 mpg across its lineup earns it the reputation of most gas guzzlers per lineup.

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