Record snowfall for Grand Rapids; some areas get near a foot of snow

Posted at 10:46 AM, Feb 25, 2016

WEST MICHIGAN- Record snowfall for Wednesday as 7.2″ fell officially in Grand Rapids.  Grand Rapids recorded a total of 11.2″ over the two day snow storm.

That certainly wasn’t the only area that saw quite a bit of snow over the last 24 hours!  Heavy, wet snow caused power outages and problems throughout West Michigan.


Winter Storm Warnings have been expired for the area and we’ll look forward to a warmer weekend of melting ahead.  The season total for Grand Rapids is now at 41.2″, which is still 22.3″ below where we usually are for the season.

Wyley- Deb Howatt

If you don’t like all the snow, maybe you can appreciate Deb Howatt’s dog Wyley in Twin Lake.  She said he’s enjoying his favorite two things: sticks and snow!  Post your photos here or the FOX 17 Facebook Page.