Casey Affleck, Stephen Colbert spar in this incredibly awkward interview

Posted at 3:18 PM, Feb 23, 2016

Casey Affleck stopped by "The Late Show" on Monday and gave what has to be the most awkward interview Stephen Colbert has done since leaving his "Colbert Report" character behind.

It starts off with Colbert ribbing Affleck about his casual attire, which Affleck very obviously does not appreciate.

"Thanks for dressing up. I can't tell if this choice is the least celebrity thing to do or the most celebrity thing to do. It's very casual," says Colbert. "I'm not saying you don't look good ..."

Affleck: "Well, sort of. You're implying rudeness ... you're implying I'm being rude."

And it's just all down hill from there. There's a weird back-and-forth about the water glasses, there's more discussion about Affleck's clothing -- "you really look like a street corner Jesus" -- they talk about fighting each other, Kate Winslet gets dragged into things ... it's very, very bizarre.

After showing a clip of Affleck's new movie, "Triple 9," and going to commercial, things aren't any less awkward when the show returns. Colbert says they "buried the hatchet" during the break, but that's not really true. This time around, they get weird about their children's science experiments; Affleck starting at Columbia University and not finishing; and being on social media.

The entire interview has a vague air of tension that makes it feel way more "Colbert Report" than "Late Show."