Kalamazoo Shootings: Uber ride for safety lands couple in accused killer’s car

Posted at 11:16 PM, Feb 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-21 23:16:43-05

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana - An Indiana couple says they feel lucky they weren't harmed after they learned they took a Uber ride with the man police identified as the suspect in Saturday's shooting rampage in Kalamazoo that killed six people.

The couple, who spoke to FOX17's sister station FOX59 on Sunday, chose not to be identified.

Thinking it was their best option, the couple called for a Uber ride late Saturday night after they heard reports of a gunman on the loose in Kalamazoo.

The word from Uber: "They will be here in six minutes. His name is Jason, in an HHR."

Jason Brian Dalton (Photo: Kalamazoo County Jail)

Jason Brian Dalton (Photo: Kalamazoo County Jail)

The Uber driver, Jason Dalton, appeared to be aware there was a gunman on the loose. "I halfheartedly joked at him and said, 'You are not the shooter are you?' And he said, No.' And I said. 'Are you sure,' and he said, 'No, I'm just really tired.'"

Dalton told the couple he'd been driving for seven hours on Saturday, which is about the same amount of time the shooting spree lasted throughout Kalamazoo County.

The couple says they didn't smell gun powder in the HHR, nor did they see a weapon, but when Dalton was arrested, police later found a handgun inside the vehicle. Based on the timing and location of Dalton's arrest, the couple believes they may have been the accused killer's last fare of the night.

"We feel really lucky that we came out of this unharmed. Obviously our thoughts are with the family of the people who were not so lucky."

Jason Dalton's mugshot on the news. Their account of Saturday night's events will help authorities put together a complete timeline of the shooting spree.