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Call for help: Human waste drips from the ceiling

Posted at 11:08 PM, Feb 15, 2016

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A family living with what they said is human waste dripping from the ceiling found immediate response from their landlord after they reached out to FOX 17 Problem Solvers.

Cedric Haynes and his two boys live on Cedar Street NE in Grand Rapids and they say they have been using buckets to capture what they believe to be toilet water draining from the upstairs neighbor's toilet. The water is dripping into their kitchen, living room, and bedrooms.

"Every time they flushed the toilet, even though he fixed it, tons of water still come down, and it smells like urine," said Haynes.

The problem has Haynes concerned about their health as the water drips onto him and his children. He said he reached out to FOX 17 Problem Solvers after getting no help from his landlord.

The landlord refused an on-camera interview, but our calls prompted a response on the same day we called.

"He came in nice as ever, no attitude or nothing," said Haynes. "He came in and did the work, had the carpet clean, left, and said the plumber will be in tomorrow. You guys are good problem solvers, that’s what I gotta say."