Police: Officer-involved shooting suspect armed with airsoft gun

Posted at 1:59 PM, Feb 03, 2016

SPRINGFIELD, Mich. — A police officer in Calhoun County was involved in a shooting Wednesday afternoon after police say a man aimed an airsoft pistol at him.

"The gun had none of the toy gun markings," said Calhoun County Sheriff Matt Saxton. "So it didn’t have the orange tip. It appeared to be a real firearm."

The incident happened about 1:00 p.m. near 30th Street and Dickman Road.  Chief Jim Blocker of the Battle Creek Police Department said Springfield Police were involved in a short chase after trying to stop a car that a witness said was used in an armed robbery at the Citgo Satation in Battle Creek over the weekend.

The driver did not stop for the sergeant who responded and a short chase ensued.

According to Saxton, the chase ended when the driver pulled into a driveway and ran into a garage.  He emerged from the side door holding a handgun.

"The sergeant on scene gave loud verbal commands to drop the handgun," said Saxton. "The handgun was raised and the sergeant on scene fired his service weapon."

Saxton said the sergeant fired two shots, wounding the suspect in the torso.

“I saw him fire at least twice, four to six rounds each time and yelling before, during and after and in between, to drop your weapon or something in that respect," said neighbor Dennis Jones.

The 50-year-old suspect was taken to Bronson Hospital where he is being treated.  The sergeant was not injured.