Flint water crisis: Protesters gather in Lansing

Posted at 11:17 PM, Jan 19, 2016

LANSING, Mich. — On Tuesday, as Gov. Snyder gave his State of the State address, a frustated crowd gathered on the steps of the capitol building as outrage over the Flint water crisis continued fuel conversation.

FOX 17 talked to protesters who believe the governor should be held responsible and leave office.

“So, we spent the last two years with water that we couldn’t drink and that has been poisioning people…. and saying we’re all crazy for thinking so,” One protestor said. “I think it’s time for Snyder to step down and be accountable to what he’s done to  our residents.”

Brian McKay also showed up to make his voice heard.

“Our only voice is to protest and that’s all we have left,” said McKay.

Kerri Webber resides in Flint and has major health concerns for her family.

“My daughter, they found lead lines in her growth plates. They were doing a bone scan for another reason and found it in all of them. Now, she’s having liver issues,” said Webber.

Snyder’s apology didn’t sit well with Kerri Webber either.

“His apology is ridiculous… Oops… I poisoned you? No…,” said Webber.

Protests may have taken place, but more water donations were made to Flint residents this week.