Unloaded gun found in Gull Lake HS student’s backpack

Posted at 2:35 PM, Dec 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-10 17:42:01-05

RICHLAND, Mich. – A student at Gull Lake High School is out of school after bringing an unloaded gun to school Thursday.

School superintendent Christopher Rundle tells FOX 17 that at about 10:45am, a student notified staff that they had information about another student having a weapon in their backpack.  Staff immediately went to the freshman student’s classroom and took the backpack in question. The student was taken to the school office.

Police were called to the school and confiscated the gun. Police are investigating the situation and the Prosecutor’s Office will determine any charges.

The Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Department reports that the student has been released to his parents pending a review by the Prosecutor’s Office. They interviewed the student and say that the student had no intent on using the gun at the school or harming anyone.

Deputies said that the school acted quickly when notified by the student, but several other students were aware of the weapon but only one student came forward.  School officials told the department that they will encourage students further to “See Something, Say Something.”

The student has been suspended from school. The Gull Lake School Board will decide whether or not to expel him.  Michigan state law says that in most cases, a student bringing a gun to school is expelled. The student will be out of school until the school board decides his future.

The school was never put on lock down as the whole situation was handled very quickly. Students were notified by loudspeaker of the situation later in the afternoon.