Mother’s powerful ‘angel’ wedding photo honors son

Posted at 3:30 PM, Nov 02, 2015

KENNESAW, Ga. — Anna Bozman Thompson lost her son, Lake, earlier this year after a long battle with leukemia.

He was 8 years old.

A few weeks ago, Thompson married her longtime boyfriend, Travis Thompson, during a ceremony in Colbert, Georgia. The wedding had been put on hold for several years while Lake battled cancer, according to WAGA.

Thompson’s photographer, Brandy Angel, recognized Thompson was struggling taking family photos without Luke.  With the help of a friend, she added Lake to their family photo using Photoshop.

Thompson wrote about it on Facebook:

So many emotions today as ️Lake has been gone for 6 months now. Somehow I have managed to continue going but there have been many days that I did not think I could. I have honestly been making it minute to minute as grief is a huge roller coaster. My 2 little ones have been a huge motivation but my main source of motivation is the promise that through Christ I WILL see my son again and live an eternal life. I cling to this everyday.

Although my family will never be complete here on Earth, we will be in Heaven. I do know that ️Lake has been watching over us especially when we got married. He made sure that it would be a day that none of us would forget.

Although I felt his presence that day and I was actually happy, it was almost unbearable to take family pictures without him. I could feel my emotions taking over after the ceremony when it was time to take pictures. I became anxious and almost irritated but I knew these pictures had to be taken. They turned out beautiful and thanks to my amazing photographer she was able to get some special edits done. I needed this picture more than she or anyone could ever know.

THIS is my family. And we will be together again. Thank you to all of you for the support and love that you have showed our family these past 6 months. Your words of encouragement and your prayers have helped keep me going. I thank you for that. Please don’t ever stop saying Lake’s name. I love you sweet boy.