Beer and brew in a barn: A big win for Ludington business

Posted at 4:04 PM, Nov 02, 2015

LUDINGTON, Mich. - Brewing beer in a barn may be the golden ticket to making some of the best craft beer in West Michigan.

Starving Artist Brewery was awarded $50,000 by Mason County’s City of Commerce for their business plan at a contest called the Momentum Business Plan Competition. Long-time Ludington resident and owner of Starving Artist Brewery, Andrew Thomas, said brewing beer just makes sense.

“We just want to brew good liquid, and if the other brewers like us then I think we did a good job,” said Thomas. “Over Thanksgiving dinner my brother said, ‘why don’t you call your brewery Starving Artist, that’s what you are anyways.’”

The name clicked and Andrew ran with it. He’s been brewing out of his barn for the past seven months with a team of three, specializing in red ales, IPA’s, and stout beer. But finding the brewery isn’t easy, Andrew even prides himself on the fact that I-Phone’s operating system, SIRI can’t find the place. Only a handful of people have made it out to the farm lands where his brewery is hiding.

“We want to keep it on the down low just so my kids can still ride their bikes in the driveway,” said Andrew.

Hoping to remain incognito for the time being, but the brewery now doubles as the setting for Ludington’s newest brewery.

sKathy Maclean, President and CEO of the Ludington & Scottville area Chamber of Commerce, helped hand select Starving Artist Brewery from a list of ten businesses.

“We really wanted someone who had a product that they would sell within, but outside the market as well and create some wealth for the community,” said Maclean. “And his product is definitely that.”

The brewery plans on making 500 gallons each week, upgrade equipment, and build a beer garden out back. The idea is to bring a can of Starving Artist to a store near you.