Thieves steal electronics, credit cards from home as family sleeps

Posted at 10:26 PM, Nov 02, 2015

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Police are working to find a pair of thieves accused of running off with computers, cell phones, I-Pads and credit cards. They were all taken while a family was sleeping inside their home.

It's some of that stolen property that's giving police a route to run in catching these suspects.

FOX 17 spoke to the most recent victims who had their home broken into last Friday along Watkins Road. Now, a concerned homeowner is making sure her home is even more safe and secure.

"It's very creepy," said Kandice Emery.

But her sense of security has gone out the window, or should we say the back door. It's where Emery believes the crooks got in a few days ago.

"My husband was looking for his wallet to go to work and he couldn't find it, and I said 'oh, It's probably in your truck'.Then he goes 'where's my laptop? where's my wallet? where's my iPad? where's my purse?'"

While all of her belongings were being taken out of her home, she was sleeping just feet away.

"I'm actually glad we didn't wake up when they were in the house because I don't know what would've happened. "

They were most surprised by their dogs who usually stay on high alert when someone comes around the home. They did not bark at all throughout the night.

The Battle Creek Police Department said they believe Friday's burglary may be connected to two other instances earlier this month, one was on East Stafford Avenue and the other was on Capitol Avenue. On Monday, investigators got a break in the case.

Authorities said thieves were caught on camera using the credit cards at a Meijer store and at a gas station as well.

Kandice Emery's items can be replaced, but she did have a simple warning for the bandits.

"Don't come back."

If you have any information, call Battle Creek Police.