Craft brew enthusiasts helping raise funds for Lola

Posted at 4:40 PM, Oct 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-29 16:40:35-04

GRANDVILLE, Mich. — Lola DeYoung of Grandville has spent half of her nearly 10 years of life battling Leukemia.  She has gone through two separate, two year rounds of treatment, but this Summer Lola relapsed for a second time.  She recently underwent a bone marrow transplant and she and her family of six are now living in Ann Arbor as Lola continues her recovery.

Meanwhile back in West Michigan, an organization known for their love of beer is spreading their love to a girl most of them don't know.  Tonya Spencer is a member of the West Michigan Craft Beer Enthusiasts Facebook page.  Tonya also attends the same church as the DeYoungs.  "I have only known Lola for a year, but I have never seen that little girl with a frown on her face.  No matter what she's going through she's always optimistic," Tonya told Fox 17.

Tonya is now organizing fellow members from her Facebook page to donate some of their most unique beers to help drive up the amount of money collected on Lola's GoFundMe page.  The more you donate, the better chance you have of winning some of the donated craft beer, thanks to the West Michigan Craft Beer Enthusiasts group on Facebook.  Anyone who donates $5 is entered into a drawing to win a rare craft beer.  The more you donate, the rarer the beer could be.

Lola's family will most likely spend the rest of the year in Ann Arbor, but Matt DeYoung told us how special it is to know people back home are still thinking about and trying to help his little girl.  "We can only to say to God that 'We can't believe you're using these people to help us', but we're just so thankful," DeYoung said.

To donate and be entered into the beer drawing, click HERE.

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