‘On the Trail’: Crossbows changing the hunting game

Posted at 4:09 PM, Oct 16, 2015

WEST MICHIGAN - Hunters are finding high-tech performance with the help of a crossbow, getting bowmen involved early and keeping the older hunters in the field longer.

Merle Shoemaker with Al & Bob’s Sports said crossbows are perfect for those who can't draw a regular compound bow. A typical crossbow uses a rope cocker to draw back the string. If that's too difficult, anyone old or young can get into hunting with a crank built into the crossbow.

"If they're not old enough to draw a bow, they can use a crossbow to deer hunt when they're ten years old," said Merle.

But there are some draw backs: Merle says crossbows are louder, bulkier, and heavier than a compound bow. Merle suggests purchasing a crossbow rest if you're hunting from a tree-stand. Plus, crossbows shoot so fast you can't see where the arrow goes.

"Our recommendation, buy some extra bolts," said Merle.

But, they can be extremely accurate if sighted properly. Check out Al & Bob's Sports located at Big Buck Photo Contest winner gets a $20 gift certificate and the Grand prize winner will win a $250 shopping spree at Al & Bob’s, as well as a hunting blind," said Merle.

The winners this week were Jacob Heyboer and Scott Stockreef.

Big Buck Winners

Big Buck Winners