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New developments in woman’s effort to move out of mold-infested apartment

Posted at 10:58 PM, Oct 06, 2015

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- After discovering large amounts of mold in her apartment complex, a woman from Grand Rapids is finally getting some answers.

It's a story Fox 17 brought you last week about a home care aid worker who was worried for her patients and personal health after discovering large amounts of mold in her Wyoming apartment.

Hall tells Fox 17 it's been going on for nearly two months now and has since tried getting out of her lease.

"Would you want to stay here?," Hall asked.

After what seemed like a lifetime, Hall opened her mailbox to find a written notice from her landlord, answering her question:

Dear Ms. Hall,
This letter is to inform you that we are willing to let you out of your lease with Millbrook Apartments to find alternative housing at a different location. We will be in contact with your housing coordintaor to let them know as well. We will expect that you will be moved out on or before 10-31-15. Please contact us at the office when you have vacated the apartment -- Echelon Property Managment.

But as of Tuesday evening, Hall had not heard back from her housing coordinator, Wyoming Housing Commission, on whether or not she was okay to move out.

"This is like you're telling me you're getting out of here, not that we're going to help you or you're going to get your deposit back," Hall said.

Now, she feels as thought she's being thrown out without any compensation for her fungus-infested things, with unanswered questions on what's to happen next, still extremely worried for her health.

"Although I'm having differences with the coordinator and housing inspector and maintenance man, I wouldn't ask them to live here because you can get terribly sick from this mold," Hall said.

Fox 17 spoke with a decontamination inspector Tuesday night from Udecon who says it's hard to tell if the mold affected Hall's air quality without a proper air sample. However, he did say in situations like this, there's a high risk that air quality could be poor.

He then added that attempting to clean with bleach could make matters worse because it can leave a residue that mold can then feed on.

Dianne is currently looking for a new place to live and says that once she's settled in, she plans to ask for more compensation from her landlord and housing coordinator.