Popular beer allowed to keep its “LMFAO” name

Posted at 1:47 PM, Sep 30, 2015

MUSKEGON, Mich. — After weeks of litigation, the Pigeon Hill Brewing Company posted on Facebook today stating that both they and the band LMFAO have reached an agreement regarding the fate of the LMFAO Stout.

The LMFAO Stout is here to stay.

It all started when Pigeon Hill Brewing Company received a cease and desist letter from the band’s attorneys on Friday, August 7, asking the company to change the name of their LMFAO Stout.

According to the band’s attorneys, the brewery’s LMFAO Stout may confuse the public to believe that the band somehow endorses or is related to the product.

Michael Brower, co-founder of the brewery, said the letter was sent to them after filing a federal trademark application to register the LMFAO Stout in connection with the beer.

“I found it a little bit humorous,” said Brower. “I think it’s a bunk claim and there’s no merit to it. But after the humor subsided, I realized that there could be a serious potential case on our hands.”

LMFAO Stout, otherwise known as “Let Me Fetch An Oatmeal” Stout, was the first beer named by Pigeon Hill.