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Guide to Sunday’s Supermoon and Lunar Eclipse

Posted at 12:20 PM, Sep 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-24 13:38:21-04

WEST MICHIGAN- For the first time in over 30 years, an eclipse will occur at the same time as the “supermoon.”

What is a supermoon, you may ask?  This is a term that has become increasingly popular in describing a larger-appearing moon in our sky as it nears the closest path the moon will take to earth in orbit.  This happens about four times a year, so it’s not rare in itself, but the combination between the eclipse and supermoon is.


What should you look for this weekend?  Let’s start with Sunday night.  The moon will rise in the eastern horizon at 7:25.  As it rises overhead, it will eventually begin to enter the earth’s shadow.  That’s where the eclipse comes in to play.

LUNAR2 (1)

Shortly after 10, the moon will enter the earth’s shadow.  This is part of the lunar eclipse and a reddish hue will begin to color the moon.  The reddish color our eyes perceive on the moon falls under the same category that allows us to see the sunrises and sunsets as a reddish color as well.

LUNAR3 (1)

At 10:47, full eclipse will take place, with the moon being the darkest shade of red that will take place all night.

LUNAR4 (1)

The moon will gradually turn back to the “normal” color of white that our eyes perceive it.  Throughout the remainder of the night it will glide back down to the western horizon as this eclipse/supermoon event will be in the history books until the next one occurs in 2033!

Bottom line: if you’re up Sunday evening and want to see something cool…… just look up!  The weather should be near perfect for viewing that night as well.  Don’t forget to post your photos and timelapses to the FOX 17 Facebook Page so that we can share them on air the next morning.