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Problem Solved: Woman ordered to pay families thousands

Posted at 10:41 PM, Sep 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-22 22:41:40-04

MIDLAND, Mich. -- Good news for a family that contacted the FOX 17 Problem Solvers and said they were duped out of thousands of dollars when they tried to rent a recreational vehicle for a family vacation.

Now the family has had their day in court, and they're getting their money back.

It was last fall when the Guikema family called the Problem Solvers, explaining how plans to go on a vacation out west in an RV took a bad turn. A woman named Tany Hunter was supposed to supply the RV, but it never happened. After FOX 17 aired the story, the family learned they weren't the only ones being taken advantage of.

Twenty-one other victims came forward, not only from Michigan but from across the country. We shared our information with the Midland County Sheriff's Department, where Hunter lives.

Last week Midland County Prosecutor JDee Brooks was able to make a case.

"She (Hunter) was placed on probation of three years, and she was ordered to pay $19,560.98 in restitution, of which she had $14,000 of it that day," said Brooks.

The prosecutor said the case set the bar to discourage others from trying to get away with something like this.

Even though only three of the 21 people live in Midland County, Hunter was ordered to pay restitution to everyone.

"We want people held accountable for their actions when they do things like this so there is appropriate punishment," said Brooks.

The Midland County  prosecutor advised to only rent from people you know are trustworthy, and stay away from Craigslist. And if someone is charging extra or changing their original price, it's most likely a red flag.