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Single disabled mother claims contractor stiffed her on wheelchair ramp

Posted at 10:17 PM, Sep 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-14 22:17:07-04

DORR, Mich. -- A disabled mother in Dorr in Allegan County is claiming she fell victim to a self-proclaimed contractor who has already been featured by FOX 17.
Christy Taughter says that she paid the man to remove a beam in her garage so she could have a wheelchair ramp installed. She said that he cashed the check but never showed up to do the work.

Last week, we showed you another woman who said that she fired the same contractor after reading about all his problems online. She cancelled her check, but he cashed it at a business, and they say he has not refunded the money to them.

Taughter said that she hired James Fouse to do work on her home last fall. After he finished some small repair jobs, she decided to have him do some structural work that was needed in order to install a wheelchair ramp. That was 10 months ago; Taugher says the job isn't done.

"I thought I could trust him," said Taugher.

Taugher bought her home in Dorr because it was handicap accessible, since she might soon be confined to a wheelchair because of her medical condition, she said.

"It changes your ligaments and tendons and cartilage into bone. It's very very painful," said Taugher. "Even standing here right now, I'm in pain."

Taugher said that her receipt shows she gave James Fouse $500 down. The check was cashed, but Fouse never showed, she said.

"He took advantage of me, and anyone who takes advantage of a single mom that has a disability is horrible," said Taughter.

Taugher was watching a story by the Fox 17 Problem Solvers on September 9 when she was surprised to see others were also claiming Fouse wasn't running an honest business. "I started screaming for my son to come down, and we just sat there and watched, and we pushed replay a couple of times, and like he's still at it," said Taugher.

Taugher said that she only has one question for Fouse: "I would ask him, Why? Why would you be so ruthless and cold?"

Her insurance company hires the actual contractor for the wheelchair ramp, Taugher said, but it's her responsibility to make structural changes, which is why she hired Fouse.

Fouse told us last week that he stands by his work and is honest in his practices. It's important to note Fouse has not been charged with any crime in this case. Everything claimed by Taugher are only allegations.

Taugher said that she is trying to get an address for Fouse so she can file a civil lawsuit over the money.