Driver breaks into dance following Los Angeles pursuit

Posted at 11:25 AM, Aug 27, 2015

LOS ANGELES -- Cameras captured a driver breaking into dance following a pursuit in the downtown Los Angeles area Wednesday night.

Police attempted to stop the woman for driving erratically near Seventh Street and Towne Avenue when shefailed to yield and a pursuit began, Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Ramirez told KTLA.

The driver stayed on surface streets, making circles, and a spike strip was used near Seventh Street and Maple Avenue South. She continued toward the Los Angeles Times building when she ran over another spike strip and the vehicle came to a stop in its parking lot.

The woman exited the vehicle and danced, appearing to smile as she shook her body and waved her arms. She returned to the vehicle, continuing to dance in the driver’s seat before police yanked her from the car, held her down and appeared to handcuff her.

The suspect was detained around 10:22 p.m., Ramirez said.