Road construction in Grand Rapids to last into November

Posted at 8:56 PM, Aug 03, 2015

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Construction on a long, busy Grand Rapids street is causing headaches for drivers, and it doesn't look like the congestion will be easing up anytime soon.

Leonard Street between Lafayette and Ashland Avenues will remain closed through November as crews work to repair underground water pipes.

For driver Gerrie Richardson, the construction along Leonard Street is testing her patience.

"I swear a lot," said Richardson. "We sat in Family Fare's parking lot trying to get onto Fuller for about 15-20 minutes just from waiting in all this construction and there ain't even anyone working on it," said Richardson.

"I think it's a mess because I was coming to here to Family Fare for gas and it took me, I had to go around three times. I think they should finish as soon as possible," said driver Maria Speas.

The construction at Leonard at Fuller is to upgrade sidewalks, curbs and the road. The construction is expected to last into October.

The bigger project along Leonard to the west is part of the Livingston second transmission water main project, which includes adding a water discharge line and replacing the sanitary and storm sewer.

The city of Grand Rapids has released a map of the suggested detour, hoping to ease the traffic and help keep drivers at ease. That part of the construction is not expected to be completed until November.

Joost Vapor sits along Fuller Avenue near Leonard. General Manager Kenny Reyes said that traffic is moving slowly, but hopes it doesn't deter customers.

"Obviously accessibility is our biggest concern, which so far they haven't shut down this part of our driveway, so our customers are still able to get here," said Reyes.

Joost Vapor said that they've looked at their customer numbers to make sure the construction wasn't slowing down business. It said so far, their business has actually increased.

"As a company, we need to make sure and see what is affecting us, how to better deal with it," said Reyes.

Until then, drivers in the area are dealing with the delays as best they can.

Of course these aren’t the only construction projects underway. CLICK HERE to visit the city's website that has information on the current construction projects.