GoFundMe page for injured motorcyclist raised over half its funds in one day

Posted at 10:17 PM, Jul 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-11 23:57:12-04

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. -- Everything changed in a heartbeat for two families Sunday, July 5.

Nick and Sydney Stegman were driving home with their family after spending time at the lake. They were behind two motorcyclists when they noticed a deer stepping out of a small group of trees.

The motorcyclists were Bryan and Judy Davis of Coloma. Sydney says that the deer took two leaps forward - narrowly missing Judy - and collided with the left side of Bryan's bike. He hit the pavement and skid across the road about 40 feet before stopping with the bike landing on top of him.

The Stegmans parked their car and went to Bryan's side. He seemed lifeless and still until he took a gasping breath. They all stayed by Bryan's side until an ambulance picked he and his wife up.

Since the incident. the two families kept in touch. Bryan had suffered at least nine broken ribs, a broken neck, and a collapsed lung.

"As he breathed and moved everything moved on the inside that's how I knew it was pretty critical," said Nick Stegman.

He currently has pneumonia and will be entering surgery either Monday or Tuesday this week. After that, he will be in a rehabilitation center for an undetermined amount of time.

"They're in our prayers daily and I don't think after this even as soon as Brian is home and everybody is okay, I'm not going to stop praying for these people. I just wish I could do anything to help, just anything more, I'm willing and able," said Sydney Stegman.

Judy thought that she would have to sell their bikes to afford everything that is to come. That's when the Stegman's started the GoFundMe page; so that the family wouldn't have to give up one of their shared passions to pay for Bryan's recovery.

Created on July 9, the GoFundMe page already has $4,425 raised; over half of what it set out to make. The proceeds will go to the Davis family to help pay for medical and rehabilitation expenses.

"I can't imagine what Judy is going to say and feel when she finds this out, this is going to be a huge weight lifted off her shoulders," Sydney said.