Escaping reality in the Great Escape Room

Posted at 11:17 PM, Jun 21, 2015

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - A new company in Grand Rapids is locking their customers in a room and the only way out is to find clues and solve the puzzles left behind.

The Great Escape Room is changing the way Grand Rapids and the world entertain themselves.

Originally an online video game from Japan, The Great Escape Room generated worldwide popularity until transforming into life size entertainment, helping people escape their everyday routine.

Paula Norder, Spokesperson for the Grand Rapids Great Escape Room, said the escape room gives people a chance to do something different than going putt-putt or bowling with the family.

"An escape room is a game where you bring 10-to-12 of your friends and we lock you in this room for an hour to see if you can beat the clock, solve all the puzzles and complete the scavenger hunt to get out in time," said Norder. "Right now we have a success rate of about 22%  of our groups finishing that."

Norder understands the owners developed these puzzles making sure they were equally challenging and rewarding for their customers.

If you think you're up for the challenge, The Great Escape Room is having their grand opening next week at their location nestled inside the Masonic Temple in downtown Grand Rapids. Although it's early for the business, Norder said they plan on building multiple rooms before the end of the summer.

"We have a lot of tricks up our sleeve and we can’t wait to show you," said Norder. "You really just have to come out and give it a whirl, see if you can come out and be one of the 22% that can beat the clock."

Tickets for the Great Escape Room run around $28, with discounts if you book a party of more than ten people. You can log onto The Great Escape Room Facebook page for photos and general information, or cal (616)426-9927 to book your reservation.