Forever Homes: A day in Cedar Point for Breanna, Daeshawn, and Michael

Posted at 5:02 PM, May 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-22 17:02:20-04

SANDUSKY, Ohio – We continue our Forever Home series, working to help Michigan kids in the foster care system. FOX 17 News had a very special opportunity this time around to take the series inside the world’s roller coaster capital, at Cedar Point.

We would like to introduce: Breanna, Daeshawn, and Michael.

Breanna, 15, is a high school sophomore, who’s a people-person. She likes school, and hopes to be an office administrator one day.

“I like to be around people, I think it’s funny: You meet a lot of people that you never expect to talk to,” said Breanna.

Daeshawn, 12, is a seventh grader who also likes being a student, cooperative, and playing football and basketball.

“My favorite subject is math,” said Daeshawn. “It makes you use your brain.”

Michael, 15, is a sophomore who wants to give back and become a speech pathologist.

“I just want to do a lot of volunteer work,” said Michael.

Their number one wish, though, is to have a family to call their own and to be adopted.

“It would show me that someone cares about me,” said Daeshawn.

But first, Cedar Point and FOX 17 News wanted to give them a day just to be a kid. So the big question Friday: Do you think you can handle the roller coasters?

Michael said, “yes.” Breanna said, “I hope I get on a lot of rides and try not to scream.” Then Daeshawn said, “it makes me scared, a little, but I face my fears and just do it.”

As they left Hotel Breakers, they walked with a purpose to their first ride of the day. Their choice? The Dragster.

While others ready to launch looked terrified, these kids were brave and buckled up.

These three were full of laughs, grateful for a day they will always remember. Soon they will drive back to their group homes in Michigan, but they each said they will continue to work hard and stay positive.

“It’s hard, but sometimes you’ve got to just keep your head up and keep moving,” said Breanna. “Even though you don’t want to keep moving, even though you just don’t want, just want to stop, but you just got to keep moving because eventually life will get better.”

Breanna, Daeshawn, and Michael, each holding onto their dream that they will find a loving family.

“It [would mean] that I’m a part of something,” said Michael. “That I no longer have to be an outsider, I can be like ‘I’m in now and I’m there; I’m going to be there forever.’”

If you would like to adopt Breanna, Daeshawn, or Michael, please call Orchards Children’s Services at 1 (855) 694-7301. An adoption specialist will answer any of your questions, or help you get the adoption process started.

FOX 17 News would like to extend a very special thanks to Cedar Point and Hotel Breakers for this memorable filming session and experience. Thank you!