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Star Wars Day, Avengers spoof, and high heeled racing

Posted at 11:42 AM, May 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-04 12:00:19-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.– Tons of weird news for today and that includes the official, unofficial, “Star Wars Day.”  May the “fourth” be with you.

The history behind this day goes back to the ’70s when Margaret Thatcher was UK Prime Minister.  The evening news placed an ad that read, “May the fourth be with you Maggie.”  and the rest is history

Many of us wish that Marvel would make a movie all about Black Widow, well Saturday Night Live decided why not put together a rom com on the subject.  This past Saturday night actress Scarlett Johansson hosted SNL for the fourth time and helped make the spoof movie a reality

“Walk a mile in her shoes” is an event that takes place in Sacramento, California where hundreds of men donned a pair of high heeled shoes to race a mile to bring awareness to domestic violence.