Three Rivers students stage sit-in after firing of three administrators

Posted at 6:42 PM, Apr 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-30 18:58:28-04

THREE RIVERS, Mich. -- Today, students filled the lobby of Three Rivers High School. Roughly 80 students refused to go to class and protested the dismissal of the athletic director, middle school principal, and an educational services administrator.

Wednesday night, Three Rivers school board voted not to renew their contracts. Charles Ross, a parent, attended the meeting.

"Kevin Hamilton, Pete Anderson, and Bradley Coon are ideal role models for our students, and they're doing an outstanding job in the community," Ross said.

He added, "They should be commended, not released. And by the doing this, they're sending a very bad message to our children and the hard work and dedication should not be ignored."

Ross said parents and students weren't given answers as to why the administrators were fired, other than being late to some meetings and failing to reply to some emails. He said these are "minor indiscretions" compared to the administrators' overall body of work.

Superintendent Jean Logan didn't provide these types of specifics, but she said coming to the decision was an involved process .

"A piece of it is evaluation, a piece of it is like goals for their buildings and their departments, and it's not a simple process. It's a complicated process, a lot of meetings, a lot of discussion with where we're growing as a district," Logan told FOX 17.

Based upon school board input, Logan said she made a recommendation. As for the sit-in, Logan said she expected backlash after the five hour long board meeting.

"Actually, I'm pretty proud of them because they're exercising their first amendment rights, doing it in a very respectful way. They're not disrupting the educational environment for the kids who are choosing to go to class," she said.

However, Logan said she is concerned that the students are missing class with graduation and final exams around the corner. With such a response from parents and students, will the board revisit the decision or is it a done deal?

Logan said, "I'm always willing to look at options, and I haven't talked to any of the board members since last evening. It was late evening."

Ross said of the votes, "It's the wrong decision."

Parents were also upset that public comment took place after the vote. The superintendent said that is the normal flow of the meetings and the board followed protocal. She also said the district doesn't plan to take any disciplinary action against the students.