Mom says cuddling baby after premature birth brought him back to life

Posted at 8:42 PM, Mar 16, 2015

QUEENSLAND, Australia — A husband and wife in Australia waited years to find out they would be parents. And when that day finally came after three years of trying to conceive, it was twice as amazing –Kate and David Ogg were told they were having twins.

According to an interview posted to the‘Johnson’s Baby YouTube page, Kate said she went into labor at 26 weeks. She said after the babies were delivered, the doctor told them that their son, Jamie, didn’t make it.

“We’ve lost him,” the doctor said.

But, Kate refused to give up.

“I just grabbed the baby from the doctor and unwrapped him and I ordered David to get his clothes off and get into bed with me because I wanted as much body heat around this baby as possible ’cause he was cold and I wanted him to be warm and alive. We put his skin against my skin and then I just held him close to my heart. I moved his head so that his ear would be able to hear my heart beating and cried and cried. So we told him that he had a sister and her name was Emily, and that she was going to be okay and that he needed to look out for her and that we had big plans for him, for his life. We made a lot of promises, which we’re happy to keep… so, we’re bawling our eyes out and holding him, and then he started to move and we thought, ‘What? What’s happening?!'”

He started breathing, opened his eyes and grabbed David’s finger. Kate said she realized it was because they held him. She said it was the body heat of his mother and father that brought Jamie back to life.

Kate is giving an update on her amazing story as the twins get ready to turn five years old later this month.