Video: Meijer State Games introduces quad rugby

Posted at 11:23 PM, Feb 19, 2015

Grand Rapids, Mich -- The Meijer State Games are coming back to West Michigan this weekend with over 2,000 athletes from across the state competing in 20 different sports.

This is the second year of winter games and the first time quad rugby will be one of the featured sports.  "Quad rugby is kind of our first try at intigrating everyone into the games," said Meijer State Games executive director Eric Engelbarts.

"A lot of people would be surprised at how competitive it is," says quad rugby player Emily Blauw.  "It's a high scoring game, so it's very entertaining to watch and I think that if people come out they will find themselves enjoying this sport."

The Grand Rapids Thunder quad rugby team is sponsored by Mary Free Bed.

The quad rugby games will be played at Cornerstone University on Saturday at 2 p.m..  The rest of the The Olympic style events will take place at venues across the Grand Rapids area.  The opening ceremonies take place at Cannonsburg Ski and Ride area in Belmont, Michigan at 7p.m..  Interested athletes of any age or ability can register to participate in one of the 20 different sports at