Plush doppelgangers for pet owners

Posted at 10:41 PM, Feb 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-19 22:41:19-05

DIMONDALE, Mich.—A new trend called Cuddle Clones. They are exactly what they sound like plush-toy clones of your pet.

“Basically you have to send in pictures. I sent in about five different ones. I told them what his best features where and what I wanted. They did an amazing job, because they look identical,” said Talia Howard, who recently lost her 12-year-old pug.

From their color and spots to the look of their ears or tails, no detail is too small. Pet owners have a unique way to remember their beloved animals as a toy.

A company out of Louisville, Kentucky, called Cuddle Clones, is making lots of money on these 'clones'.

“My dog got a rare disease for a pug, and I just wanted something to remember him by,” said Howard.

Howard has four kids, and in addition she had a fur baby named Bongo. Bongo was diagnosed with a spinal cord disease a few years back.

“He went everywhere with me pretty much,” said Howard.

Two days ago, the disease took Bongo.

“It was his time, and it was very hard for us and for me, because he's the best dog I ever had,” she said.

They had a good 12-year run together, but Howard wasn't ready to let him go. She found something a few months back that would help keep Bongo’s memory alive forever.

“There was somebody with a cuddle clone, and I was like I really want to do that,” she said.

Cuddle Clones is a company in Louisville, Kentucky where you can turn your furry friend into a stuffed animal, all you need are pictures, a cool $200, and patience. The plush toys take about 2 to 3 months until they are complete. Your clone comes with a collar with their name on it, an official embroidered Cuddle Clone stamp, and a tag with the pet’s name.

Cuddle Clone Facebook page shows hundreds of pictures of pets with their clones from dogs to cats even horses. According to Cuddle Clones’ Facebook page orders are coming in from all around the world. They got so many order requests a couple days ago that they announced their website had shut down because of all the traffic.