Comcast allegedly changes name on another customer’s bill to a profanity

Posted at 12:35 PM, Feb 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-07 12:35:02-05

The cable giant Comcast may have done it again–addressing a bill to a disgruntled subscriber with a profanity.

A few weeks ago Comcast apologized for sending a bill to Washington state customer Ricardo Brown that was addressed, “A–hole Brown.” The offending bill showed up in his mailbox after his wife had called to cancel their cable service.

Now Mary Bauer is telling the Chicago Tribune that her most recent Comcast bill–which she just got the other day–was addressed to “Super B—-h Bauer.”

“I did not open it up, because I’m not a Super B—-h,’ Bauer told the paper Friday. “Mail it to my name.”

Bauer believes Comcast’s unauthorized name change to her account came after she lodged repeated complaints about her service after she upgraded to a new cable box.

She said the company sent technicians to her Chicago area home 39 times in a four-month-period without fixing the problem.

“They kept coming over and the TV kept going out,” the 63-year-old said. “It was out way more than it was on.”

Eventually, Bauer changed cable boxes and got better reception but that didn’t stop her complaints. She said she called Comcast to ask why she did not get a promised credit for months of poor service and why her bill had gone up $40 in October.

A Comcast spokesman told The Tribune that “we are investigating this thoroughly” and had reached out to Bauer.

The Tribune said that in 2005 an Elgin woman got a Comcast bill addressed to “B—h Dog” after she complained about poor cable served.

At the time a Comcast spokesman said the company was putting things in place to so that it would not happen again.