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Why do women pay more for stuff?

Posted at 7:32 AM, Feb 04, 2015

It's 2015....not 1958.

But when it comes to what men pay for some things compared to what women have to pay, sometimes it seems like we're still living in the 1950's.

A new report in Kiplingers Personal Finance says women are still treated second class when it comes to certain costs, including:

  • Drycleaning: A ladies shirt still costs more to clean.
  • Car Buying: Kiplingers say men tend to get better deals on the lot.
  • Long Term Care Insurance: Women pay more because they live longer.
  • Haircuts:  Men: $15.  Women: $50.  Sure, most women have longer hair, but what if they have short hair?
  • Fragrance: It's called perfume for women, and the price is about 10 to 100 times more than what men pay for aftershave.
  • Deodorant: Yes, even women's deodorant sticks are priced higher.
  • Razor blades:  Why?  Anyone?
  • Lotion: Men's Suave lotion: $2.50.  Women's lotion: as much as $20 a container. And we haven't even touched on facial creams.

And from the "Doesn't That Stink" file, there's one item where women almost always pay more:  Clothing. Evn though men's clothing is typically bigger and uses more fabric, women's jeans can cost more.

Ditto for shoes and blouses.

If you are a woman, you might say "Doesn't that stink?"

Manufacturers blame constantly changing fashion, where men are okay with the same pair of jeans they sold 50 years ago.

If you're a woman and are unhappy about a particular service charging you more, it doesn't hurt to ask.

They might agree to rethink their policy, and that way you don't waste your money.