Eminem visits Detroit-area fan, who loses battle with cancer the very next day

Posted at 4:56 AM, Jan 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-13 04:56:32-05

ROCHESTER, Mich. — Eminem has made the wish of a dying fan come true just hours before that fan lost his battle with cancer.

Gage Garmo, 17, had been suffering from an aggressive form of bone cancer until he passed away Monday night.  And as friends gathered for a candlelight vigil at Rochester High School’s football field, perhaps a wish that came true hours earlier lifted spirits.

According to Fox 2 News in Detroit, friends had set up a GoFundMe account for Garmo and his family, and it spread like crazy on social media.  It caught the eye of Detroit-area media outlets, and word spread further.

The Detroit Free Press reports that an agency called Rainbow Connection, which grants wishes to children and teens in Michigan, eventually took notice and saw that Gage’s health had taken a turn for the worse.  What followed was a two-day scramble to try to arrange a meeting between Gage and his favorite hip-hop artist.

Indeed, it eventually caught the eye of Eminem.

On Sunday, Eminem traveled back to Michigan from Atlanta to sit with Garmo and talk about everything from music to football.