Winter Weather: Police prepare commuters before it’s too late

Posted at 6:45 PM, Jan 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-05 09:51:29-05

West Michigan - Many of you are planning on heading back to work after a long and relatively warm holiday, if you haven't already. Police are now warning drivers they can expect roads to be slippery in the foreseeable future, preparing commuters before it's too late.
Grand Rapids Police Dispatch has noted a plethora of slide-offs and car crashes in the past 24 hours, warning others to take caution.
"Certainly prepare for driving in our weather conditions because we're probably going to end up with a streak of some cold and slippery conditions in the next foreseeable future," said Sgt. Steve La Brecque, of the GRPD.
He understands the main roads are usually the first to be cleared but warns drivers to be careful on side roads that may not get plowed or salted as quick.
"Right now, people out and about need to drive with care and caution cause it's easy to overdrive," said Sgt. La Brecque.
Police encourage everyone to prepare their car in advance before hitting the slick roads, packing it with blankets, water, and even kitty litter. If you ever find yourself in an accident during winter conditions, there are certain things you can do to keep yourself and others on the roadway as safe as possible.
“Call 911 and let us know where you're at,” said Sgt. La Brecque. “If cars are drivable and the damage is minimal, at least exchange information. Depending on the call volume it may be a long time before we can get to you. Do not get out of the car when you’re on the highway, we don’t need people losing control and hitting other people.”