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Problem solved for Vietnam veteran seeking help

Posted at 10:36 PM, Dec 30, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-31 11:40:45-05

PORTAGE, Mich.— A man who served our country found relief on Tuesday.

Scott Randolph, a Vietnam veteran, was in desperate need of help after losing  his eyesight and leg.  He was struggling day to day to do simple things like get in and out of rooms, or in the shower, or even out his front door. His house is not accessible for his wheelchair, and he was unable to use his prosthetic leg because of swelling. Scott and his wife Darlene started to lose hope.

“People do listen, and there are big hearts out there, it’s just a matter of finding those people,” said Scott.

Scott was denied by the Veterans Affairs Department numerous times for upgrades to his home after he recently lost his leg.  Scott and Darlene were running out of ideas on where to turn.

After a year and a half of asking for help, and hitting a 'brick wall,' they turned to the FOX 17 Problem Solvers. As of Tuesday night their problem is solved thanks to some generous people in the community.

Four organizations stepped forward, hoping to make Scott and Darlene Randolph’s life a little easier. Penning’s Accessible Living, Arcadia Home Care and Staffing, Michigan Veteran Affairs Agency and Michigan Bikers Helping Veterans all eager to help the Randolphs any way they can. They say Scott served our country, and now it's their turn to give back to him.

“People don't really care how much you know about them until you know how much they care,” said David Lee of Penning’s Accessible Living.

Complete strangers, came together on Tuesday, to make a huge difference in Scott Randolph’s life.

“I saw your interview last night on the news and immediately I wanted to reach out to our contacts in the community and see what we could do to help them,” said Morgan Wright from Arcadia Homecare and Staffing.

Arcadia Homecare and Staffing wants to provide free private nurse services to take pressure off Darlene. Previously, Scott had told FOX 17 news that he wished his wife wasn’t his ‘servant’ having to help him all the time, and just wanted her to be his wife.

“A wife's job is to love her husband when needed. Yes they need to help with all that stuff when times get hard, but give me a break, I didn't marry her to do that. If I can get some other help, and have her as my wife then I’m all the more grateful,” said Scott.

David Lee, a contractor for Penning’s Accessible Living, wants to personally take a look at their home and see what upgrades they need.

I'm actually going to have an opportunity to go to the house next week and see the bathroom and hallways and see what actually needs to be done,” said Lee.

So FOX 17 brought Lee and Wright to see Scott, and tell him the good news themselves. Shortly, after they told Scott why they had come to tell him, Scott broke into tears.

“I really appreciate it very much,” cried Scott.

In addition, the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency said they would like to help Scott apply for two grants. They were surprised to hear Scott’s Veteran Service Officers didn't have them turn to those resources like the Michigan Veteran Trust Fund Grant and the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Fund.

“It's not just giving veterans seven phone numbers and an e-mail address,  it’s actually making sure all those people get in touch with a veteran so they have everyone coming to help them,” said Lauren DeVol of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency.

MVAA is only 2-years-old and trying to make the system for Veterans better. The MVAA has increased compensation for veterans by 2,000 dollars. They also just launched a hotline in September called 1-800-MICH-VET, which is serving thousands.

“Since our creation it has been our goal to make Michigan the most veteran friendly state,” said DeVol.

They admit they still have a long way to go,but helping people like Scott and Darlene is progress.

“It makes me see how many other people are willing to help veterans,” said Darlene

The Michigan Bikers Helping Veterans are looking to help out as well.

If you are looking to find out how you can help Veterans, or any Veteran looking for help you can go to