Grand Rapids setting more snowfall records (sort of)

Posted at 10:14 AM, Dec 26, 2014

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — After the snowiest November on record with 31 inches of accumulation, Grand Rapids is now setting more records in the month of December.  Only, this time, it’s for the least snowfall for the month.

As of Christmas Day, the Gerald Ford International Airport had only picked up three-tenths of an inch of snowfall officially during December.  That’s the lowest total ever in more than a century of records for that stretch.

If we don’t pick up another half-inch by the end of the month, it will end up as the least-snowy December ever.  The current record is 0.8″ set in 1947.

Colder air is forecast to return for the last few days of the month, with at least a little snow in the forecast.  But record or no record, it marks an amazing reversal of fortune from November’s weather.

With the two months combined, we’ll be right back around average snowfall for the season to date as the new year begins.  It should serve as a reminder that every winter has unique weather patterns that can’t be defined by just the total snowfall at the end of the season.