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Woman blames storage company for missing lawn equipment

Posted at 7:24 PM, Dec 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-08 20:50:43-05

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A woman reached out to the FOX 17 Problem Solvers saying her expensive pieces of equipment went missing from a storage warehouse.

Diana Krynycky and her husband moved to Alto from Maine over the summer and hired Custom Logistics in Grand Rapids to store and eventually deliver their belongings to their new home. When delivery day came after a few months in storage, Krynycky said two rather large items were missing: a John Deere lawn tractor and a lawn mower.

"I feel taken advantage of," Krynycky said.

While Krynycky said all of their items were on the moving truck when it left Maine, it's when the truck got to Custom Logistics that the confusion began.

"We were there all morning while they brought all of our stuff off the truck and we actually saw our John Deere lawn mower and our John Deere tractor," Krynycky said. "We saw it there when we left."

Krynycky also claims the manager at Custom Logistics told her the tractor and mower were stolen. "He told us that it was an inside job, a former employee had keys to the facility, and that they were stolen," Krynycky said.

Krynycky filed a police report, and it states the Grand Rapids Police Department couldn't find evidence of a crime.

FOX 17 Problem Solvers took the issue to Custom Logistics Manager John Young, who tells a different story.

He said he never told Krynycky her items were stolen.

"They're scamming," he said. "The business was shared with the other guy, my partners' company, and other people had keys to the facility. That's all I said."

When asked what happened to Krynycky's items, he said, "We have no idea. It never made it into our warehouse."

Young said the Krynyckys started to fill out a "bingo sheet," where customers circle numbers that coordinate with their items that come in, but that they never finished it.

"[The] Krynyckys were apparently satisfied with where they were at. They left and didn't want to continue doing their bingo sheet," Young said. "You should ask the Atlas driver. They cut out on their job. It's not my job to do that for them."

Young said items 1 and 2, the tractor and mower, were never circled.

However, owner of Custom Logistics, Kevin VanderHyde, faxed FOX 17 the bingo sheet. While item 1 wasn't circled, item 2 was.

VanderHyde said because the bingo sheet wasn't complete, his company can't make any determination as to what actually came into the warehouse, meaning, they won't take responsibility for any of the items, whether they're circled or not.

Krynycky said she's going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

"[Custom Logistics] had our things--they didn't go anywhere else in between. What could happen to them?" she said. "All I want for Christmas is to get this resolved and get a new lawn mower so we can cut our grass."

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