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Have a healthier Halloween with these tips

Posted at 11:04 AM, Oct 31, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-31 11:04:54-04

Halloween can be a “tricky” time to stay committed to your weight loss goals. Store aisles overflow with five-pound bags of candy, your kids come home with bags of loot from parties and trick-or-treating, and at night's end you're inevitably left with half a bowl of candy by the front door.

How can you be expected to resist your favorite candies when they are within arm's reach no matter where you turn?

Here are some simple tactics that will help you stay in control in the face of nightmarish temptation.

  • Resist sales and bargains: Don't fall for coupons or BOGO deals. A five-pound bag of candy on sale is still a five-pound bag of candy. Buy what you think you'll hand out to trick-or-treaters and not a mini-bar more.
  • Choose candy you don't like: Hate coconut? Not a fan of candies loaded with nuts? Stock up on your least favorite candies and you’ll be that much less inclined to help yourself to the candy bowl. Another great tips is to find candy that looks unappealing, like eyeball candy!
  • Don’t be the one to stay in and give out candy: Halloween is a great way to get outside and get in some exercise. Even if you don’t have little ones to take trick-or-treating, walk through your neighborhood and take in the decorations, costumes, and fun that everyone’s having. And if you use an activity device, Weight Watchers  recently synced up with a range of activity monitors, including Fitbit and Jawbone, bringing together weight loss expertise with activity tracking.