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Bendable iPhone could mean the end of skinny jeans

Posted at 9:39 AM, Oct 07, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-07 09:39:15-04

Many of us love being first with new technology, especially when it comes to new iPhones. But with each rollout comes new glitches.

Antenna, Scratch, and Bending Problems

 Remember the iPhone 4's "Antenna-gate," when touching the antenna cut the reception? With the iPhone 5 came "Scratch-gate:" Oops, watch that aluminum case, which scratched if you just rubbed it too hard. Now the new iPhone 6 has "Bluetooth-gate" -- failure to connect to some car stereos via Bluetooth -- and worse: "Bendgate."

Phones Bending in Pockets

It's always something when a new iPhone comes out, and this time it's what can happen if you put it in the pocket of your tight jeans.

Bloggers are posting pictures and videos of how easy it is to bend the new phone, with its thin aluminum shell.

New iPhone 6 owner Jennifer Eisenstein said she's going to be super careful. "It's living in my purse in a special pocket right now. Back pocket? Absolutely not, no, no, no."

But its not just in back pockets:  Some owners claim their iPhone 6's bend in the front pocket of their skinny jeans.

What Could Happen Next

All this means two things: One, it often pays to wait for Apple to issue an update. The updated 4S cleared up the antenna problem, the 5S addressed scratch problems. Perhaps a 6S will have a stronger aluminum case.

And two: maybe the days of skinny jeans will soon be over. Or 1980's style over-sized sweat pants may be making a comeback.

"I don't think its going to fit in my jean pocket, but it fits fine in my sweatpants," said one woman outside an Apple store.

Just imagine: next year's updated iPhone 6S may come with a pair of ugly, baggy sweats included. Or heaven forbid, maybe a pair of 1990's-style mom jeans.

As always, don't waste your money.