Announcement planned for new brewery on west side, businesses optimistic on growth

Posted at 8:48 PM, Oct 01, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-01 22:41:30-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- The announcement of a popular brewery from along the lakeshore is expected to be made Oct. 7 near the intersection of Broadway and Bridge Street.

Business owners and several people in the area said that they've heard New Holland Brewing will be moving into the building that now sits vacant.  The company has not confirmed this.

Entering its fourth full month in business, Head of Pride is one of the new kids on the block, after choosing Bridge Street in west Grand Rapids over other locations around the city.

"Just the up and coming nature of the west side. We kind of took a look at areas that are near downtown, but not necessarily in that exact downtown proper area," said Chris Koens with Head of Pride.

Suzanne Schulz with the City of Grand Rapids' planning department said that the key to successful changes along the Bridge Street corridor is making sure business owners and developers are a part of the planning process.

"Today we stopped by and talked to several business owners about what their plans are for the future that they would like to see happen on the street because infrastructure does play a large part in economic development and we want to make sure we are working together, " said Schulz.

Koens said that he's attended several meetings with the city, listening to plans that include adding trees along Bridge and Leonard Streets, and making the area more pedestrian friendly.

"It's really exciting. We are really excited to see them contemplating adding greenery, adding landscaping, and extending the sidewalks and talk about potentially removing parking places," said Koens.