Family of teenager killed in hit-and-run speaks out

Posted at 11:10 PM, Sep 30, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-30 23:10:42-04

HOLLAND, Mich. -- The family of a teenager who was killed in a hit-and-run is speaking out less than 24 hours after the incident.

Jonathan Bracamontes, 15, died Tuesday morning after being hit at the intersection of US-31 and Riley Street in Holland.

Investigators said the woman who hit him, Ruth Borgman, never stopped and continued on her way to work.  While Borgman later contacted police, Bracamontes' brother, Christian Bracamontes, is left to wonder one thing. "I don't know why she didn't stop," he said. "He's about as big as I am. He's as tall as I am."

Borgman called police upon arriving to work shortly after the incident when she noticed damage to the front of her car. She reported that  something ran out in front of her car.

While the question as to why Borgman didn't stop may never be answered, Jonathan's family is focusing on the hard days ahead.

Holding close to the memories of the teenager, Christian spoke about the love his brother had for soccer, cars, and his girlfriend. Perhaps the thing that stands out most when thinking about his brother is how his infectious personality brought laughter to those around him. "He was really funny--he joked around a lot," Christian said.

Christian, who will soon turn 18, said that while he may be older than Jonathan, he still looked up to his little brother.

"He really didn't care what people thought about him," he said. "He always made me laugh."

Jaime Bracamontes, Jonathan's father, said his son just began his sophomore year at West Ottawa High School. "I can't believe this happened to him," he said. "He was always happy. I love him--I love him a lot."

It's not yet known if Borgman will face any charges. Funeral arrangements for Jonathan are pending.