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“Spay Neuter Express,” Lowell veterinarian risk losing license

Posted at 7:52 PM, Sep 25, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-28 22:48:23-04

WEST MICHIGAN -- The state held a hearing Thursday regarding Dr. Bruce Langlois and his veterinary license.

Langlois owns and operates the Animal Hospital of Lowell and the Spay Neuter Express. The latter is a mobile unit that travels across the state.

The Michigan Attorney General's office is investigating numerous complaints against Langlois. The state claims Langlois has poor standards of care, and that he doesn't properly document or compile medical records.

Langlois' attorney claims the accusations of improper care are "based on nothing." Also, the defense attorney said the state is using the wrong law when it comes to what's considered proper retention of records.

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