Be on the lookout for kids at bus stops

Posted at 8:53 AM, Sep 05, 2014

bus stop genericMUSKEGON, Mich.– You’re likely seeing more traffic now that parents and buses are dropping kids off at school. Police and deputies want to make sure everyone is safe out on the roads.

The Muskegon County Sheriff’s Department invited FOX 17 for a ride-along as they patrolled some of the busier roads in the county.

Deputy Amy Fekken said Whitehall Road near Michigan’s Adventure is a big spot for speeders. She spoke to us while watching her radar.

“There are a lot of bus stops on this road right here so you’ve got these cars that are going, that one was going 68 miles an hour, and you’ve got seven or eight kids waiting there for the bus.”

In rural areas, it’s not uncommon to see kids waiting for their bus on the side of the road. But on a clear morning, it becomes more dangerous when you factor in the blinding sun. She suggests parents keep their kids away from the road.

“Especially with younger kids, I encourage the parents to wait with their children at the side of the road if they are able to for their safety.”

Safer yet, some kids waited for the bus from inside their parents cars. If doing this, Deputy Fekken reminds parents to make sure they are parked safely so they don’t interfere with traffic.

Keeping these few tips in mind can ensure a safer school commute.

The cost of a ticket for drivers caught passing a stopped bus that is picking up kids is $225 and three points on one’s license.