“I’ve waited a long time,” says local woman who turned 100

Posted at 1:30 PM, Jul 31, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-31 16:06:02-04

CASCADE, Mich.– It’s a birthday she says she’s been waiting a long time for, and with good reason.  Frances Rowland turns 100 on July 31.

Five generations of family from as far away as New Mexico are making their way to West Michigan to celebrate this special day.

It’s not easy finding birthday cards for a Centenarian. But a few are proudly displayed on her mantel.

The invitation to Rowland’s100th birthday party celebration is like a walk down memory line. A memory, her son Gary says, is still sharper than ever.

Longevity is certainly a family trait.  Rowland had two older sisters who reached at least 104 years old.

When she married her sweetheart, Stan, in 1932, living to be 100 was never a goal.

“We were married during the deep Depression and we just wanted to survive,” Rowland said.

She has 10 decades to be thankful for; children, grandchildren, even great-great-grandchildren. She’ll get to share a special celebration with all of them.

“At this stage in someone’s life, it’s ordinarily a funeral that brings everyone together,” explained Rowland’s son, Gary.  “But this is a nice celebration.”

Aside from great genetics, Rowland feels we could all live a better life by remembering a few things.

“Tomorrow is another happy day, and have a good attitude.”