Dad: son’s behavior like a ‘ticking time bomb’ following crime-spree arrest

Posted at 12:23 PM, Jul 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-28 12:23:20-04

WYOMING, Mich.– Police said it was a crime spree that included a stabbing, carjacking and assault which spanned across the state. Court documents revealed that one of the three accused confessed to the stabbing. His family has apologized to the victims involved.

Daniel Leussenkamp, Sr. said his 25-year-old son Daniel’s mental illness and bad attitude is like a ticking time bomb. He is sad to see his son end up back in jail just weeks after serving seven years.

“I thought he was getting help in prison for his mental issue, that he was working it out but evidently, nothing,” said Leussenkamp, Sr.

The younger Leussenkamp is now charged with nearly a half-dozen counts, including assault with intent to murder, for a crime spree that spanned across the state.

FOX 17 talked to the man who came face to face with Leussenkamp, after he knocked on a door at the Jim William’s motel in Wyoming.

“I answered the door not thinking anything otherwise,” the victim explained. “Guy told me to, this is a robbery, stabbed me, pushed his way in, took my money and left.”

The victim showed us two stab wounds on his throat and stomach from that attack. A stabbing, according to court documents, Leussenkamp confessed to both a friend and police.

The victim claimed the stabbing wasn’t random. He’d been sharing his place with Kimberly Wonsey, whom he said left with Leussenkamp.

From there, Leussenkamp and Wonsey met up with Kevin Seeley.

Police say the trio carjacked a woman at a Meijer in Greenville,  drove to the state’s east side and attacked and robbed the mother of Leussenkamp’s child.

U.S marshalls eventually arrested Leussenkamp and Wonsey at York Creek Apartments in Comstock Park. Seeley was caught in New York.

“The more I find out about this the more it hurts because of the victims in there,” said Leussenkamp, Sr.

Leussenkamp’s family is devastated and wants the victims to know they are thinking of them.

“We want to give the condolences out to everybody that’s been affected by this and let them know we are truly sorry and thank the person that told on them,” added Leussenkamp’s sister, Kara.

Wonsey is charged with failure to return property. Seeley remains in a New York jail and is waiting extradition back to West Michigan.