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Grandmother asks Problem Solvers to save kids’ Christmas… in July

Posted at 8:43 PM, Jul 22, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-22 21:53:04-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Late last year, Margaret Mieras said the Kurio 7s tablet caught her attention because it came with 65 preloaded games.

"Of course, the kids seen (the commercials), and they just begged for them," she recalled.

It's a device eight-year-old Ashton and five-year-old Alaina would enjoy. So with the help of a friend, Mieras paid for the purchase through on
November 28th. That was just in time for Christmas.

The tablets cost $160 each.

"They had 'em about 3 weeks, and (the tablets) started stopping, turning off, shutting off, and we couldn't keep them on," she explained.

"It's fully charged, but it won't turn on," Alaina said.

Miersa said, "I got two tablets that don't work."

She said she ordered a third tablet that does work, the 4s.

To fix the 7s, she said she spoke with another major retailer who talked her through multiple ways of rebooting and resetting them. However, she said nothing worked.

Unable to use a computer, Mieras counted on a friend to send an email to the Kurio. She said she wanted technical support or an address to send the items back in exchange for new ones.

Mieras said numerous calls were made since January to what she thought was the company. However, as FOX 17 found out, the number she's been leaving messages on is actually a fulfillment warehouse for the company.

FOX 17 found a phone number for public relations for Kurio. The media relations expert looked into the problem and provided an email correspondence with Mieras's friend from March 13th. The message included instructions on how to troubleshoot the device.

Via email, the media relations expert said, "All customer service for the line is currently handled by email and Live online chat with a technician."

"To diagnose the problem and offer a solution, our customer support would like to speak with her directly."

"If this turns of to be a product defect, per the Kurio 1 year limited Warranty, Kurio will replace the device and all Ms. Mieras needs to do is pay for the shipping and handling."

Mieras said earlier in the day, "All I want is for them to replace the Kurios."

Later in the day, Mieras said the company came through. She said she was told a box will be shipped to her home for her to place the tablets in. After she sends them back to Kurio, the company plans to send her new tablets.