‘Elsa’ Look-a-Like Visits West Michigan Child Amputee

Posted at 7:45 PM, Jul 09, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-09 20:16:07-04

elsa1VAN BUREN COUNTY, Mich. –  Last month we told you about a girl from Florida who was causing people to do double takes, thanks to the movie, ‘Frozen.’  The teenager has transformed herself into a real-life Elsa, bringing kids’ dreams to life.

Three little girls from Paw Paw, Mich. are about to get a surprise visit in a hospital room, hundreds of miles from home. But let’s not ruin it just yet.

Seven-year-old Bella, five-year-old Maddy, and four-year-old Kate adore Disney’s ‘Frozen.’  From books, birthday parties to bedroom doors, the girls just can’t ‘Let it Go.’

“I do know it came out on iTunes first.  We bought it there, then it came out on Amazon instant video.  We bought it there, then it came out on DVD, and we bought it there as well because we couldn’t get it soon enough for the girls,” said Danielle Littel, Paw Paw, Mich.

Now, you’ve probably seen this young woman before– 18-year-old Anna Faith Carlson of Florida. In one of those things that tends to happen on the Internet, Anna has been made famous by her resemblance to Princess Elsa from the animated movie.elsa3

Soon Anna, as Elsa, started making appearances with her sister to help cheer up sick kids.

Meanwhile, back in Michigan, Kate Littel’s parents were coming to terms with a difficult reality – an extremely rare condition was about to force them to amputate the lower part of her leg.

“As I was taking her down to the operating room, I was holding her and she was just crying on my shoulder saying, ‘Mommy I’m so scared.’ All the doctors are looking at us. I’m sobbing. She’s sobbing. It really hit her then,” said Littel.

But social media was already back to work. Friends and family had raised money to help the family travel to the Mayo Clinic for the procedure and put them in touch with just the girls who could brighten up their daughter’s recovery time in the hospital.

For more than three hours, the ‘characters’ met with Kate and other patients, signing autographs, reading, and of course, singing their characters’ famous songs.

elsa4The visit was designed to help the kids feel special and try to forget their condition, if even for a short time. To Danielle Littel, it was more than a public relations boost for an aspiring actress.

“Of course they’re getting exposure. Of course it gets their names out, but I don’t believe that’s why they’re doing this. It’s an added bonus, sure, but I 100 percent believe that these two girls and their family genuinely care about other people.”

And Littel thinks that’s part of an even bigger message in an age when it’s easy to be skeptical of what we see on TV and online.

She said, “We are living in a world where there are so many good souls and so many hearts that truly care, and we really have to try and focus on that.”

It’s a story to give us hope that love really is an open door.