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Apple Country Soapworks

Posted at 4:23 AM, Jul 02, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-02 08:49:10-04


SPARTA, Mich. (July 2, 2014) — Handmade soaps, salves and lotions made with ingredients foraged from local fields – it sounds like something out of an old-timey almanac, but it’s right here in west Michigan in the year 2014.

Apple Country Soapworks is located in Sparta, it’s a small, family-run operation that started when Jayne Kozal’s son was diagnosed with eczema and allergies. In lieu of soaps that they thought were ineffective and overpriced, the family decided to make their own using milk from goats on their property. Now the skin conditions are kept at bay and the products are available to everyone online and at local markets and retailers.