Land Campaign Releases New Ad: ‘Stop Fighting, Start Listening’

Posted at 9:35 AM, Jun 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-17 17:00:22-04

Terri%20Lynn%20Land%20StillMICHIGAN (June 17, 2014) – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land is touting her experience as Michigan’s secretary of state in a new campaign ad.

Land says Washington, D.C. needs someone like her to come in and help break the gridlock.

‘Stop Fighting, Start Listening’ features two boys fighting, throwing money, sleeping and playing – jabbing Congress over its spending, inability to work in a bipartisan manner and perceived laziness.

The ad is expected to air across the state.


The spokeswoman for Democratic Rep. Gary Peters U.S. Senate campaign calls the latest ad “silly” and a distraction “from the fact that [Land] cheered on a government shutdown.”

“Michiganders already rejected Land’s gimmicks on women’s issues, but she’s back to playing games instead of defending her anti-middle class agenda that hurts Michigan,” said Haley Morris. “Folks can’t trust Ms. Land when she would shut down the government, cut access to mammograms, and ends the guaranteed benefit of Medicare just to give her special interest backers like the Koch Brothers new tax breaks.”

The Michigan Democratic Party is also seizing on the fact that Land is fundraising in the nation’s Captiol on the same day she released her ad criticizing those in Washington, D.C.Congressman Gary Peters 2013 Official Photo

“Land thinks she can buy this election with help from the Koch Brothers, so she doesn’t have to speak with Michigan’s middle class families,” said Kevin McAlister, Michigan Democratic Party spokesman. “Michigan families know who Land will put first – the Koch Brothers. There’s only one person that will fight for Michigan and put Michiganders first, and that’s Gary Peters.”

The Land campaign disagrees.

“When Terri Lynn Land travels to our nation’s capital she tells Congress that they spend too much and fight too much, and that Michigan gets stuck with the bill,” said Land campaign spokeswoman Heather Swift. “Gary Peters is once again being courted by the radical California billionaire Tom Steyer’s legislative muscle, Senator Harry Reid, because Gary Peters has proven time and time again that he will sell out Michigan’s blue collar jobs.  Whether it’s his support for cap-and-trade, which would have cost Michigan nearly 100,000 jobs or supporting the new EPA regulations which will cause electricity rates to skyrocket for Michigan families and businesses, it is clear that Congressman Gary Peters will sell any Michigan job to get the big money from California kingpin Tom Steyer.”