We Bree-Lieve: A 10-Year-Old Fights Leukemia while She and Strangers Give Back

Posted at 6:37 PM, May 03, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-04 06:55:26-04

GREENVILLE, Mich. (May 3, 2014) – Although Bree Town`s family told Fox 17 News she may not realize how many people are cheering her on, it`s clear that entire communities are praying for her recovery.

“Hi, I miss you Bree,” said Madison Steele, Bree’s good friend.

Ten-year-old Bree Town`s life changed two years ago when a suspected strep throat became a diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

“I like to pretend like (Bree) doesn`t have anything, and we go on with our day as normal life,” said Madison Town, Bree’s older sister.

Bree’s mother, Jennifer Town, said her daughter’s journey to recovery began with spending seven initial months in the hospital followed by remission. Then this past January, Bree had a bone marrow transplant. And now, Bree is back in remission.

“She`s home and happy, we were so happy to go home last night,” said Jennifer.

In a bustling room of love, 82 vendors helped raise hundreds of dollars for Bree`s family and healthcare at Klackle’s Orchard: Bree’s great-aunt made a quilt to be raffled, donations were auctioned off, and many shopped at a craft show, all organized by complete strangers.

“I just think it`s so amazing: most people in Greenville have heard the story of Bree Town. I went in for donations and said, `I wonder if you`ve heard of Bree Town` and heard `who hasn`t heard of Bree Town?’” said Cassandra Kingsley, organizer of the silent auction for Bree’s family.

A handful of women who know Bree only through her Facebook page called We Bree-Lieve said Bree has a selfless and positive nature that’s infectious.

“(Bree) is just so inspiring: she`s always got a smile on her face and every blog that I read she was either praying for somebody else, or asking for prayers for someone else,” said Karen Mays, organizer of the vendor and craft event.

Loved ones continue to ask for prayers and smile when they spoke of Bree`s fun-loving and caring personality.

Bree’s sister Madison described her as “shy but happy, naughty and sassy, and funny.” Then Kyra Umlor, a friend of Bree who’s in the fourth grade said Bree is “curious a lot, creative, we always stuck together.”

“I remember the first day of school: she was crying and I took her to a seat and I said, `you can sit by me, I`ll be friends with you,` and ever since we`ve been really good friends,” remembered Bree’s friend Steele.

For now Bree`s family said she has hospital appointments two or three times a week, but also said she is a fighter.

“I would ask you to just start praying for her and keep her in your heart,” said Steele.

Bree`s family said she hasn`t been able to attend events like this, but they`re planning a dance for her when she`s feeling better. They also ask for people to help with causes Bree is working towards, like donating crayons to Helen DeVos Children`s Hospital in memory of their close friend, Bridgette Devine, who passed away from a diagnosis similar to Bree.

To connect to Bree and her family, she their Facebook page. 

To shop for crafts from vendors who are donating a portion of their proceeds to Bree’s healthcare, see the vendor and craft event Facebook page.

As of Saturday evening, craft and vendor event organizers say the benefit raised at least $3,300 for Bree’s family.