Grand Rapids Publishes Next Week’s Schedule To Widen Streets

Posted at 1:31 PM, Feb 21, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-21 13:33:39-05

snowplow1GRAND RAPIDS,Mich. (February 21, 2014) — According to a news release the feedback from the City’s efforts to push back snow on narrow neighborhood streets to ensure emergency and essential vehicular access has been positive. “Neighborhood Associations have been nothing short of amazing with their coordination and getting the word out. Neighbors are helping each other with clearing snow from driveways and walks,” reported City Manager Greg Sundstrom.

“We will continue to widen streets to ensure emergency access to every home and business,” said Sundstrom. “The City will push snow back to widen the street in five more neighborhoods next week. The plowing schedule is created with input from Police and Fire Departments reports, information from callers who report that their street needs attention, and from our supervisors driving into areas of the City where streets are known to be narrow.”

In these five neighborhoods, residents are asked to remove their cars prior to 8:00am so plow drivers can begin to move the snow back. This may result in snow being deposited on sidewalks and perhaps in drive approaches. Although the City apologizes for any inconvenience, residents are responsible for clearing the sidewalks according to City ordinance. Clearing the drive approach and creating access for mail delivery are the responsibility of the home owner. Residents are asked to help by clearing the snow around fire hydrants and catch basins, if it can be done safely.

Absent a snowfall which would redirect plow trucks back to their regular routes, the next target areas for residents to remove their cars from residential streets for snow cleanup are outlined on the interactive map shown here:

Monday, February 24 


Hall to Griggs

Kalamazoo to Sylvan

Tuesday, February 25 


Burton to 28th

Eastern to Plymouth

Wednesday, February 26 


Leonard NW to Third NW

Mount Calvary Cemetery to Turner NW

Thursday, February 27 


I-196 to Fulton

Lafayette to Fuller

Friday, February 28 


Knapp to Leonard

Plainfield to Fuller